A Deliberative Poll for CA's Future :: Summer 2011

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PBS Special - Introduction

PBS Newshour's By the People presents What's Next California, the first Deliberative Poll in state history. Watch

Jim Fishkin’s Day 3 Take

Jim Fishkin, director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University, talks about the discussions taking place at the "What's Next California?" deliberative poll and the opportunities participants have had to engage with the issues and learn from each other. Watch

Participant Profile: Guy Francis from Los Angeles on civic engagement

Guy hasn't been involved before, but as a participant at What's Next California, he's joining the discussion and working for changes. Watch

Anthony @ NextCA Deliberative Poll - Day 1

Anthony from Hollywood at NextCA's Deliberative Poll gives his first impressions and talks about what he hopes to gain from the weekend. Watch

Why the Deliberative Poll Matters

Gautam Dutta of the Asian American Action Fund looks forward to the Deliberative Poll as an important opportunity to shape California's policy future. Watch

PBS Special - Taxation & Fiscal Policy

Thorny issues surrounding the state's taxation policies and fiscal management undergo a thorough examination. Watch

PBS Special - Representation

Options for California's legislative representation are deliberated. Watch

PBS Special - State-Local Reform

Participants explore the critical relationship between state and local governments, including funding and decision-making authority. Watch

PBS Special - Initiative Process

Voters tackle complex and confounding issues around California's ballot initiative process. Watch

Legislative Representation

California's lawmakers represent between 400,000 and 1 million constituents - the highest in the country. At the deliberative poll in late June, 400 Californians came together to discuss legislative representation and other topics of importance to the state. Here are some of their views. Watch

The Initiative Process

California's initiative process puts law-making in the hands of the people, but can also be abused and misunderstood. At the deliberative poll in late June, 400 Californians came together to discuss the initiative process and other topics of importance to the state. Here are some of their views on California's direct democracy tool. Watch

Joel Fox at What’s Next CA

Joel Fox, President of the Small Business Action Committee and a What's Next California panelist on Taxation & Fiscal Reform, talks about the challenges of separating policy from politics. Watch

Lenny Goldberg at What’s Next CA

Lenny Goldberg of the California Tax Reform Association talks about the virtues of rational discussions borne by the Deliberative Poll process. Watch

Day 3 Overview & Highlights

Perspectives from participants as they prepared to depart Torrance at the conclusion of the What's Next California Deliberative Poll. Watch

CA Fwd Leadership Council member Lenny Mendonca on What’s Next CA

Lenny Mendonca, Co-Chair of What's Next California and California Forward Leadership Council member, says everyone will have to wrestle with preconceived notions and find commonality amongst each other. Watch

CA Fwd Executive Director Jim Mayer on What’s Next CA

Jim Mayer, Executive Director of California Forward at the What's Next California Deliberative Poll, says Californians know something is wrong and have a hunger to fix it. Watch

Sunne Wright McPeak on What’s Next CA

Sunne Wright McPeak, California Forward Leadership Council member, discusses the importance of lifting the voices of Californians to help government better serve its citizens. Watch

Zabrae Valentine on What’s Next CA

Zabrae Valentine, Deputy Director of California Forward, says she looks forward to Californians discussing the key issues to helping the state run better. Watch

Steve Coll on What’s Next CA

Head of the New America Media Foundation Steve Coll says the deliberative poll can bring to light potential solutions from citizens that can help make CA government more successful. Watch

Kathay Feng on What’s Next CA

Kathay Feng, Executive Director of Common Cause California, discusses the importance of encouraging everyday Californians to engage in discussion about the state. Watch

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