A Deliberative Poll for CA's Future :: Summer 2011

Partner Profile: Center for Deliberative Democracy

The Center for Deliberative Democracy (CDD), housed in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, is devoted to research about democracy and public opinion obtained through Deliberative Polling®.  The Whats Next California statewide Deliberative Poll (DP) will put the whole state, effectively in one room under conditions where it could consider the merits of proposals in small group discussions and with plenary sessions in which competing experts and policy makers could respond to questions from the people.  Like most other DPs it will have television and web components organized by media partners. A systematic survey of a scientific sample, both on first contact and after deliberation would reveal the proposals the public would accept under good conditions—and why.

The CDD, in collaboration with partners around the world, have conducted multiple Deliberative Polls in sixteen countries (including China, Brazil, Japan and Bulgaria) at varying levels of government, including two Deliberative Polling projects for the entire European Union, all 27 countries and 21 languages. Deliberative Polling not only reveals what the public would think if they were informed, but also provides those involved in policy making the opportunity to listen to a microcosm of their publics.