A Deliberative Poll for CA's Future :: Summer 2011

Deliberative Poll Results Released

After a huge turnout at the event in Torrance, Calif. the weekend of June 24 — an unprecedented gathering covering the state's critical governance issues in-depth — the What's Next California Deliberative Poll results were released today in conjunction with a news conference at the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento.

In addition to an extensive summary of results, a set of supporting appendices were also published and provide full transparency into the poll's findings and processes.

From the press release issued at the top of the news conference:

"Ordinary polls provide a momentary snapshot of the public's impressions of sound bites and headlines," said Stanford University's James Fishkin, who developed and ran the deliberative poll on behalf of a large group of organizers and sponsors with an interest in reforming California's government. "Deliberative polling shows what a scientific sample of the public thinks about policy issues if they have the opportunity to dig a little deeper and really explore the issues."

The poll focused on six essential areas: reforming the Legislature, reforming the initiative process, state-local government restructuring, tax and fiscal reforms, and efficacy and "mutual respect" between voters and representatives, as well as their evaluations of the process itself.

View and download the poll results and stay tuned to NextCA.org for future developments and discussion.

You can also visit the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University for more about this unique process.