A Deliberative Poll for CA's Future :: Summer 2011

Californians brainstorm state’s political issues

The San Francisco Chronicle published a What's Next California op-ed over the weekend, kicking off coverage of California's first-ever Deliberative Poll.

Next month, 300 randomly selected Californians will have an opportunity to do just that - to deliberate and speak out on key issues of fiscal and political reform that could help move the state forward. Using principles of Athenian democracy, and tools of leading-edge technology, these ordinary Californians will spend the weekend of June 24-26 in Torrance (Los Angeles County) engaging in the first-ever California statewide deliberative poll. Both the process and the outcome promise to be significant.

A deliberative poll brings together a representative random sample of the state for a weekend of study, presentations and small-group discussions of key issues - in this case taxation, local control, the initiative process and legislative representation. They will consider a range of reforms and approaches to these questions of governance and fiscal policy that could form the basis for breaking the logjam in Sacramento and moving the state forward. It gives voice to the commonsense ideas of everyday Californians.


With Facebook and Twitter teasers over the weekend and today's announcement, we're excited to get going and looking forward to the main event, June 24-26 in Torrance, CA.