A Deliberative Poll for CA's Future :: Summer 2011

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Day 1: Organizers and Participants Set the Scene

At a time when California state government is in gridlock and voters feel alienated from the political process, 300 average citizens have come together this weekend to chart a new future for their state in what is being heralded as a historic exercise in participatory democracy. Read More »

What’s Next California Press Conference

The What's Next California Deliberative Poll kicked off with a news conference on Friday, June 24. Speakers include Lenny Mendonca, David Davenport and Jim Fishkin.  Read More »

Topic primer: Representation

Kathay Feng of Common Cause CA on why it's so important for Californians to deliberate on legislative representation. Read More »

Topic primer: State-Local Reform

Richard Raya, policy director for California Forward, talks about opportunities for better performance, accountability and transparency through state-local reform. Read More »

Topic primer: Initiative Process

Kathay Feng of Common Cause CA on why it's so important for Californians to deliberate on our initiative process. Read More »

Topic primer: Taxation & Fiscal Policy

Fred Silva, senior fiscal policy advisor at California Forward, talks about our important challenges and how fiscal policy must evolve to address them. Read More »

It’s Up to You: Making Direct Democracy More Deliberative

California has long led the nation in trying to involve the public directly in the making of laws – this year marks the 100th anniversary of California’s initiative process. Ever since that signature Progressive Era reform, the state has been the heartland of the nation’s political experimentation. Read More »

A True California Conversation

There are more than 300 Californians expected to take part in this weekend's What's Next California? Deliberative Poll. As the map below shows, they come from all parts of the state -- urban and rural, rich and poor, from Alameda to Yuba City.  Read More »

Why the Deliberative Poll Matters

In less than a week, Californians from across the state will meet in Torrance for a deliberative poll on important issues facing the Golden State. We spoke with the Executive Director of the AAA-Fund to find out why he believes this poll matters. Read More »

Expert panel: Taxation & Fiscal Policy

Deliberations about California’s tax and fiscal policies rounds out the What’s Next California Weekend. This conversation will look at questions of who pays taxes today for what items and does the state have a efficient and effective way to meet its taxation responsibilities. Read More »

Expert panel: State-Local Reform

One of the key topics for the Deliberative Poll participants will be the relationship between local and regional governments, districts and authorities and the state government in Sacramento. This is a conversation that will cover dollars and cents but also government performance and efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Read More »

Expert panel: Initiative Process and Representation

The participants of the What’s Next California Deliberative Poll will start their small group conversations by looking first at the state’s initiative system and then at representation the California Legislature. A panel of experts will guide their discussions. Read More »

The Three Faces of California Politics

It's been noted repeatedly, on this site and by many others, that California's policy challenges are compounded by the system of politics and governance that is "outmoded" and "broken." But what, exactly, does that mean? Read More »

Partner Profile: Center for Deliberative Democracy

The Center for Deliberative Democracy (CDD), housed in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, is devoted to research about democracy and public opinion obtained through Deliberative Polling®.  Read More »

What’s Next CA: A critical conversation on the future of our state

On June 24, hundreds of Californians from all over the state will converge on Torrance, CA for a three-day in-depth discussion on the best ways to get our state back on track and ensure a stronger future. California Forward Deputy Director Zabrae Valentine tells us more.  Read More »

Why We Don’t Talk Politics, And Why It Matters

"Washington is Hollywood for ugly people" is a bipartisan quip variously attributable to political figures from Republican Senator John McCain to Democratic adviser Paul Begala. Given recent survey data measuring the civic engagement of communities, wonky Washingtonians can now respond, "Hollywood (indeed, all of California) is Washington for civically disengaged people."  Read More »

Californians brainstorm state’s political issues

Lenny Mendonca and David Davenport kick off What's Next California with an op-ed article in the San Francisco Chronicle. Read More »

Partner Profile: Public Policy Institute of California

Today, California is struggling with historic challenges. Our future depends on our ability to work together on solutions. Our state will emerge from this difficult time, as it has before, but it can emerge much stronger with the sustained, informed involvement of its residents. Read More »

Partner Profile: New America Foundation of California

The New America Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute that invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States. Read More »

Partner Profile: California Forward

It's hardly news that Californians are frustrated with politics as usual. The budget is billions of dollars out of balance and invariably comes together late, with duct tape and deferral of the real problems. Sixty percent of Californians say the state is headed in the wrong direction. Read More »

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